DirectVR Remote for DirecTV App Reviews

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App would not even connect to my Direct Tv system. What a waste of money!!!


Works great Easy setup


Remote was not working so I downloaded this app, turned my wifi on, put in the server IP address, and I was up and running again!!! Super easy to set up and use!!!


This app is a waste. Would not set up then told me a had to call direct tv and pay for them to allow this app. Scam

Wheres the Support

Used the free version and it worked great. When I purchased the upgrade, it didnt work. DirectTV said they didnt provide the app, it was a third-party developer. I looked up the developer, RMR Labz LLC, but cant find any tech support except a troubleshooting list that doesnt solve the issue. HELP! How do I fix it or get my money back?

It works!

My DirecTV remote has been acting up as of late, and, out of frustration, I checked out the App Store, and came across the Lite version of this App. A few steps later, Im buying the full version, and it works great!


This app is good but the fact that the creators forgot to add volume buttons is ridiculous. Add one and I will be 100% happy with this purchase as for right now Im finding this very frustrating.


If your other receivers other than your (main) wont give you the IP address from (NetWork Setup) which it says *You cannot make changes to Network Setup from this location. Simply go to Settings & Help>Settings>Info & Test>Server System Info>IP Adress. Which is should be towards the bottom if you scroll down. Hope this Helps!

Waste of money!

I downloaded it and did everything right but it wont connect. It tells me my receiver isnt compatible. However, I know my receiver is compatible with wifi remotes because my husband uses an app on his phone and it works perfectly.

Has glitches

It works but only sometimes. It says check that you IP address hasnt changed and it hasnt. And that your connected to your own wifi network, which we are and it still says that it cant connect. I close the app and reload it and nothing helps. Its very frustrating! I use this app because my regular remote broke and rather than pay to replace it and for shipping which is outrageous I use this. Please fix this! Its really annoying


Waste of money! Ive done everything correct and it still doesnt work. They say you MUST upgrade for your Genie to work. So I spend a dollar and then input IP address, and then it STILL says I dont have compatible receiver even though the connection test works!

What a waist

What do I have to do to get my money back!!?? Could not leave 0 feedback


Doesnt work with iPhone 6

iPhone 6

This app is good but could be great if updated for iPhone 6/6 Plus.

No longer working

Tried lite version and it worked. Then did paid version to get more remote functions and it worked for only a few days before stating now not compatible and wont work. I want my money back.

Convenient App

Have to say that this is a must have.. How many times are you looking for the remote? Ive used this app for days until my physical remote shows up. :) Keep up the good work!!

an IP solution

Configure your dtv receiver w/ a static IP. Setup the app correctly. You now have an iOS IP control point for your networked dtv receiver. This app does what it claims. And its a consistent remote experience... Response times, button presses are consistent and repeatable. -Nice remote skins in recent updates.

Junk!! Wasted $1

Could not connect to the box. Need to purchase another service from DTV to enable the remote. Worthless.

App only works if your have DirectTV Whole Home subscription

The app seems fine and written decently if you are comfortable with networking addresses. The problem is that your receiver will not support this without paying a Whole Home subscription. No thanks.

Great to have

It works great. Would love to be able to see more channels of what is on. Only negative is have to move screen up and down to use all remit as whole remote does not show even with iPhone 6 plus

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